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Shampoo Bar

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Normale prijs
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Onze shampoo bar brengt de natuur terug in je haarverzorging. Deze shampoo bar is niet alleen sulfaat- en siliconevrij, maar het bevat ook geen overbodige ingrediënten die je haar zijn natuurlijke glans aantast.

  • Vegan
  • Dierproefvrij
  • Natuurlijke Ingrediënten
  • Plastic Vrij
  • Palmolie Vrij
  • Handgemaakt
  • Siliconen & Sulfaat Vrij
  • Curly Girl Approved!*

* Voor meer informatie over de curly girl-methode, ga naar deze link!

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How to use your Shampoo Bar

Make sure your hair is wet before you use your shampoo bar. Hop under the shower, and remember: “the wetter the better!”

Next there are two ways of applying the shampoo bar;

  • Starting at the top of your head (near your forehead) make small circular motions with the bar until your reach the back of your neck and have created a subtle layer of foam across all of your hair. Make sure you don’t forget to use the shampoo bar on the underside of your hair. Tip: for longer hair lift your hair while you use the shampoo bar on the underside of your hair. After that you can rinse it out and enjoy your clean hair.

  • Rub the Shampoo Bar in your wet hands until it starts foaming. Thereafter, gently massage it into your hair evenly. Start at the scalp and finish at the end of your hair.

After you’re finished with our Shampoo Bar make sure to put it in a dry place. (Be patient for our Shampoo Bar and Body Bar holders).