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Our Story!

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We are Roelof Jan and Seyma, a Dutch-Turkish couple that lives in Amsterdam, and we are the founders of Sabundan.

Last year, we were driving through the rural Aegean countryside in Turkey, looking to buy handmade products from local villagers, exclusive products that you would not be able to find in Amsterdam. We absolutely loved the products, but not the long drive we had to go through each time in order to get them. That is when we started fantasizing about how amazing it would be to be able to buy these quality products in our own city. At that moment, the idea for Sabundan was born. Now, forced to stay at home due to the corona pandemic, we decided to act on our idea. We have created a store in which we bring the Aegean shampoos and soaps, hand-made according to secret ancient recipes, to Amsterdam.

The skin-soothing shampoos and soaps are cruelty-free in all regards: no animals are harmed in the process of making our products, the products are produced in an environmentally friendly way, and the production workers are receiving fair pay for their hard work. There are already a lot of good vegan soap bars out there, but the humanity of the production process is often disregarded. To us, it is equally important that you as the consumer receive a top-quality product and that the workers producing the soap are compensated fairly.

In sum, our wish to introduce world-class and fair soaps to Holland resulted in the creation of Sabundan (meaning “made from soap” in Turkish): a cruelty-free soap to be enjoyed by everyone!